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  From siding to Stoneville

A timber camp on the railway midway between Parkerville and Lion Mill (now Mount Helena) was served by a private siding known as 'Adams and Dowie's' siding. The two men provided many Perth bakehouses and woodyards, railing cords of firewood, as well as hand-hewn sleepers, from their siding. In 1905 local residents named the siding 'Stoneville', apparently after Sir Edward Albert Stone, Chief Justice of Western Australia, who succeeded Stephen Parker (of Parkerville) in that position.

Registered Places in Stoneville:  Hillston Boys Farm (fmr).

The photograph below depicts the Ayres family house in Stoneville, built in the 1920s.

Mosaic ref: 2015.65


Background Photo: Opening of Stoneville Hall, 1929. Charles Ayres is the man holding the baby in the centre of the front row. His wife, Louisa, is standing behind him. As Charles was a builder, he oversaw the building of the hall, completed with local labour.

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